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you have the p  wer to save lives

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Ways you can
make a difference:

There are many ways to help make a difference for so many pets and families in need of assistance. From donating to spreading the word, there's ways for everyone to get involved. 
A few dollars a month can make the difference between life and death for many pets.

There will be a great need for volunteers as the foundation grows. 

We want to provide our community with quality veterinary options. 

Share our site link. let your friends and family know about us!

Donations save lives


The Sundae Foundation relies on donations to provide assistance for those in need. There is no minimum donation required to make a difference. Every penny counts—literally! Together, our dollars combined can be the difference between a pet owner tearfully saying to their beloved pet, "I'm so sorry I couldn't save you" and "Welcome home!"

volunteering gives back

We will begin hosting community events in efforts to raise funds, increasing the number of pets we can save. Being a volunteer at these events, is a fantastic way to contribute to our mission of saving lives.

veterinary partners

The Sundae Foundation is seeking preferred veterinary establishments to provide the community with quality options in their time of need. Whether emergent, or general wellness, it's important to know what's available to ensure your pet is provided with quality care. 

    spread the word

Whether through social media, word of mouth, or simply texting with a friend or family member, spreading the word about the presence and mission of The Sundae Foundation is a tremendous contribution. Everyone knows the saying, "sharing is caring", and that could not be anymore true. Sharing the news will go a long way in our mission to help save lives, and reunite beloved pets with their families.

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