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Millions of people have said goodbye to their beloved pets when it wasn't their time to go.


let's help each other

What is Economic Euthanasia?

Economic euthanasia is the decision to euthanize a sick or injured pet based solely on finances. Unfortunately, economic euthanasia is very common. With almost 100 million households owning a pet in America, a nation-wide study found that 28% of those homes experienced veterinary barriers due to finances.

What would you do?
Picture this: your dog always greets you with their helicopter tail, bright eyes, and lots of kisses when you come home—but on this day, that doesn't happen. You come home to find your dog lethargic, and with no appetite. It turns out they have an abdominal blockage and need surgery. The obstruction was caught early and the prognosis is good, but only if the surgery happens immediately. Just one problem, you don't have the thousands of dollars it will cost for the life saving procedure, or the resources to get the funds. Your dog is in excruciating pain, and a decision needs to be made.
We're here to help

The Sundae Foundation is here to give you a better option—financial relief. Every pet deserves the chance to fight when treatment is in their best interest.*

* Quality of life is a major consideration when deciding whether or not to proceed with treatment.

How does this work?

The process starts with the donor. When a donation is sent, 100% of the funds go to Sundae Saved. When our adequate monetary threshold is met, we will then begin taking applications for financial assistance. 

 *Guidelines will be provided when applications are open

Once an application is approved, the grant will be sent directly to the veterinary practice that will be handling the treatment. Multiple factors will affect the outcome of the application, the most important being the quality of life to follow as guided by your veterinary professional.  

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