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Please read to completion before filling out application

Please only complete this application if your dog or cat is in need of life saving veterinary care and has a verifiable case with a licensed veterinary professional.
This application is not for the assistance of preventative/maintenance services. 
We want nothing more than to help all those that complete this application, however due to limited available funds, only select cases that meet our criteria will be considered.
The Sundae Foundation is not liable for any treatment outcome in which the financial assistance is provided for, as per the recommendation of the Veterinary Information provided.

Applications that meet our criteria will be verified with the Veterinary Information provided.

Once your application has been deemed eligible, your pet's information will be verified through the Veterinary Information provided. Please note, your veterinarian will receive an information form confirming your pet's case to be completed and sent back for our records. We must receive the signed information form from your licensed veterinarian before the funds can be released.

Please be sure to complete the Veterinary Information with the location in which your pet will be receiving treatment as this is where the funds will be sent directly.

Each application will be thoroughly assessed, however due to the urgency of eligible cases, only approved applications will be contacted within 3 business days. Unapproved applications will receive a notice of ineligibility within 14 business days.

With limited funds and high volume, please be aware the application form will be temporarily taken down once reaching our max intake capacity. 

All contact will be from our email:

Sundae Saves Assistance Application

Pet Owner Information 

Do you give permission to The Sundae Foundation to post your case on social media for the sole purpose of showing our supporters how they're positively impacting others? (your identity will not be disclosed)

Pet Information 

Pet Species
Is your pet a rescue?
Has your pet been sterilized?
Does your pet have any pre‐existing condition(s)?
Upload File

Veterinary Information 

Is this your pet's primary doctor?
By signing you are agreeing the inputted information to be true.


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