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You Have the P   wer!

Over half a million dogs and cats are put down each year due to owners not being able to afford their pet's medical care, and we want to help. Become a donor today, and join us in the fight to save lives   

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The Sundae Foundation


The Sundae Foundation was created to provide financial relief for those in need of assistance with their pet's medical care. Millions of pet owners have made the devastating decision to euthanize their sick or injured pet due to financial reasons. The heart breaking reality, is many of those pets would have gone on to live normal healthy lives had they received the necessary treatment. We together, can help save the lives of so many pets, and thus significantly reduce economic euthanasia

Help is Here

The decision to own a pet is a big one. You commit yourself to this furry (or maybe not so furry) creature, and they instantly become your best friend, child, your whole world. You want nothing more than to give them the best life, but life as you know isn't always fair. 
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We can't always be prepared for all the hardships life throws at us, and a pet getting sick is one of those devestating hardships. 

To have experienced the love from our pet is one of the greatest blessings of this life. Donating to The Sundae Foundation helps protect that beautiful blessing for those in need of assistance.

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